Samsung 27" Monitor S27C310EAM FHD IPS HDMI VGA

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Key Features

Screen size 27"
Brightness of 250 nits, response time of 5ms, LCD IPS panel type, contrast ratio of 1:1000 (typ).
Screen type Flat screen
Resolution FHD - Full HD 1920x1080
Screen refresh rate 75Hz
Panel type IPS
Interface Connectivity HDMI x1 D - Sub x 1
Dimensions With stand: 612.1x463.3x217.4 mm | Without stand: 612.1x363.5x41.4 mm.
Weight 3.8 kg (with stand).
Importer official importer
Warranty type One Year

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Samsung 27" S27C310EAM FHD Monitor is a 27-inch Full HD monitor that boasts a borderless design, an IPS panel, AMD Free Sync technology, a 75Hz refresh rate, Game Mode for optimized gaming performance, Eye Saver mode & Flicker Free technology for reduced eye strain, Eco Saving Plus feature for energy efficiency, and connectivity options including HDMI and D-sub ports.

Borderless Design:

The borderless design of the Samsung S27C310EAM monitor provides an immersive viewing experience by minimizing distractions from the edges of the screen. This design feature is popular among users who prefer a sleek and modern look for their monitors.

IPS Panel:

The In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel on the Samsung S27C310EAM monitor delivers vibrant colours, wide viewing angles, and consistent image quality. IPS panels are known for their superior colour accuracy and are favoured by professionals who require precise color reproduction.

AMD FreeSync:

AMD FreeSync technology synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with the graphics card’s frame rate to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering during gameplay. This results in a smoother gaming experience with fluid visuals and reduced input lag.

75Hz Refresh Rate:

The 75Hz refresh rate of the Samsung S27C310EAM monitor allows for smoother motion handling compared to standard 60Hz monitors. This higher refresh rate is beneficial for gaming and multimedia applications where fast-paced action requires quick response times.

Game Mode:

The Game Mode feature on the Samsung S27C310EAM monitor optimizes picture settings to enhance visibility in dark scenes, improve color accuracy, and reduce input lag during gaming sessions. This mode is designed to provide gamers with a competitive edge by fine-tuning display parameters for an immersive gameplay experience.

Eye Saver Mode & Flicker-Free Technology:

The Eye Saver mode reduces blue light emissions and minimizes flickering to reduce eye strain and fatigue during extended viewing sessions. Flicker-free technology ensures a comfortable viewing experience by eliminating screen flicker that can cause discomfort or headaches.

Eco Saving Plus:

Eco Saving Plus is a power-saving feature on the Samsung S27C310EAM monitor that adjusts screen brightness based on ambient lighting conditions to reduce energy consumption. What’s more,  this eco-friendly feature helps users save on electricity costs while promoting environmental sustainability.

HDMI & D-Sub Connectivity:

The Samsung S27C310EAM monitor offers versatile connectivity options with HDMI and D-sub ports, allowing users to easily connect various devices such as computers, laptops, gaming consoles, and media players. HDMI provides high-definition digital audio/video transmission, while D-sub (VGA) enables analog video connections.

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